Lavender Love Breathing Bracelet


This hand made bracelet is made with a combination of glass and wooden beads. This is a breathing bracelet and can be used with the  4-7-8 breathing technique. You can enjoy the elements of this bracelet as you journey through the magical feeling of relaxation and joy.

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How do I use the Breathing Bracelet?

While wearing the bracelet, use your opposite hand to hold each bead as you go through the breathing exercise. This is a 4-7-8 breathing technique, meaning you inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds and then exhale through your mouth for eight seconds.

The four biggest beads signify when you breathe in, the dark brown beads are held while you hold your breath, and the smallest, marble coloured beads signify when you exhale your breath.

You can repeat the 4-7-8 cycle up to four times in a row.

Questions about the Breathing Bracelet? …see our FAQ HERE.

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